Chapter One; LOVESHACK

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sandy pano-2sandy pano-2Panoramic View of Sandy's Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii
We’ve always loved telling people that we met on a beach in Hawaii and have looked forward to sitting our grandkids around to listen to our love story like it was a magical love at first sight, and ‘we both just happened to be on vacation and fell madly in love’ kind of story. 

In some ways it is. Picture this; it was a beautiful, warm, sunny Sunday in February. She was ‘fresh off the boat’ from California with her red hair glistening in the sunlight like gold, and meeting some new friends at Sandy Beach. He had been living in paradise for a few years already and enjoying a typical Sandy’s Sunday BBQ. Their eyes met and there was an instant attraction.  10392199_515697123058_6524067_n10392199_515697123058_6524067_n

And in other ways it is more like ‘they met through mutual friends and had a few brief and probably mildly awkward conversations before becoming friends.’

In some ways it was an ooey-gooey, first kiss under the stars kind of story. And it other ways it was a ‘they may have had a little to drink and made out behind the bar’ kind of story. 

Mostly we hung out at the Shack and talked about music, or sat in my 1974 Volkswagen bus, watching the waves crash on the shore. But we did fall in love quickly; once we got started we rarely ever spent a day apart, and I will never forget that first kiss. 

We hadn’t been dating for very long when I told Ash I loved her for the first time. Every moment that I spent with her was brighter than the last. She could always get me to do incredible things that I have always dreamed about, but probably never would have with out her encouragement. But it wasn’t anything that Ash had done for me that made me fall for her, it was who she was. 

The day I decided to propose to her, I woke up and I just knew I had to do it; just like that. I hadn’t seriously thought about it previously, at least not more that a theoretical thing that could happen one day.

I always felt so safe and brave with Matt at my side. We used to joke about how if every relationship was made out of a boat and an anchor, then I dibs-ed the boat and he would be my loyal anchor. 10 years later and we might be inclined to say it is the opposite. 

Our first chapter of love took place over those 3 years in Hawaii; getting to know each other, taking our first adventures together and just enjoying what we found in us. 

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