Chapter Two; ROSES & THORNS

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Continuing our series on our lives together, chapter 2 takes place on the other side of the country on Long Island in New York. We moved there to be closer to family while Matt attended law school.  1236497_622551750528_548484830_n1236497_622551750528_548484830_n

After a year, we were married and were thrilled to be starting our happily ever after. We had a beautiful wedding at Roberts Mansion in Spokane, Wa. And while our relationship flourished, as usual, life is typically a mixed bag and we were faced with some very difficult family losses. 

New York was very much a 'wrong place at the right time' situation. We were so fortunate to be around family and wonderful friends to help us celebrate our marriage and new life together, but also to be surrounded by the love and support of family while suffering the losses of Matt's father and Ashlee's grandmother, people who were both major role models for us.

Our location, while beautiful both in the City and on Long Island, was just not our pace. We found ourselves scouting out future locations for our forever home. 

Still we managed to find joy in each other and in shared interests like traveling and experiencing new things. We explored NYC and bits of the East Coast as well as traveling to Washington, Hawaii, Finland and Estonia. New York was kind enough to provide us with some amazing friends, both new and old, and overall we will always be grateful for that. 

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