Hey everyone, we are Ashley, Jude and Matt. We took a leap of faith and are following our dreams in stunning Puerto Vallarta! 


Look, life is short. We learned this while working like crazy in New York, Matt in Law school and myself working 3 jobs, 6-7 days a week. We had just been married and I began teaching Photography Workshops on Long Island. It was this period in which we also had to stomach the losses of some very dear loved ones. This is when we started asking ourselves if we were living the best lives we could with whatever time we actually have on this crazy planet. 

We thought we’d found our answer when we moved to Seattle for Matt to pursue his legal career and I finally was able to make a living working for myself as a Photographer and Instructor. But after our son Jude was born we fell into a pattern of having to work all the time and not be together as a family as much as we would have liked. We dreamed of starting our own Photography Workshop Business and traveling all over the world. It would be the perfect fit for my knowledge of photography and Matt’s business background; a business that we would be passionate about and that would allow us to meet so many new people and see destinations we dreamt about. 

So in 2018 we found ourselves spending a 4 day weekend in Mexico where we found a paradise bursting with opportunity for new business, great food, friendly people, a beautiful environment, and fantastic education opportunities for Jude. Four days was all it took to fall in love, but we had to ask ourselves what we wanted and what we were comfortable leaving behind. 

Having met in Hawaii 10 years earlier, it was no surprise to our families that we were moving again, this time to another tropical paradise with lush rainforests and beaches we could visit all year. We wanted a place where we could focus on the work we wanted to do and build a business that we were proud to create. 

Running our own business, Nomad Family Photo Group has allowed us to live our ideal life and inject our best values into our business. We provide several photography workshops in PV, San Pancho, Guadalajara, as well as providing wedding and portrait photography to locals and visitors. We are so fortunate to have the space and time we need to put our family and health first, and genuinely enjoy what we do for a living.


Join us for a photography workshop or portrait session and be part of our family for the day.