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Hey, I'm Ash. This is Jude. We are Nomad Family. 


I've been in love with photography as long as I can remember and got my first camera as a gift at 10 years old. I studied at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California under some of the most amazing instructors and photographers like Nicholas Dekker, Christopher Broughton, Ralph Clevenger, Rand Molnar and Chuck Place, just to name a few.


I received my Bachelors degree in Commercial Photography in 2008 and moved to Hawaii where I worked for a large format printer and an international stock photography agency. I moved to New York in 2012 and began teaching photography at local camera stores, art leagues and primary schools. Teaching photography became a passion and living in Seattle I was able to curate and teach dozens of courses as well as founding a local camera club. My son Jude was born in 2016 in Seattle and we moved to Mexico in 2018 with no plans of ever looking back! 


We love absolutely everything about living here and it is hands down, my favorite place on earth! Puerto Vallarta has welcomed and embraced us in so many ways. And while living here permanently may remove our nomad titles, we love meeting all the amazing traveling families and digital nomads that we get to capture everyday. You'll often find Jude assisting me on a shoot or tagging along for a workshop, but mostly you'll catch us together riding our bikes around town, picnicking on the beach at sunset or training Muay Thai. 


Spend some time with us! Whether you are here on vacation capturing moments with your loved ones, building your business while enjoying paradise or taking one of our photography workshops as a hobby, allow us to treat you like family! 


And if you are planning a wedding, quinceañera or event, use our trusted recommendations for venues, planners, florists, makeup artists and more! Or if you want to know how you can get involved with the community contact us for our favorite local organizations so you can volunteer during your stay!