Puerto Vallarta is a tropical and abundant paradise, perfect for nature lovers! With exotic flowers, lizards, butterflies and more, there is no better destination for a macro photography adventure!  IMG_1730-EditIMG_1730-Edit

Our Photography Workshops are a unique and fun experience for creative people. We are proud to host the only Macro Photography Workshop in Puerto Vallarta with hands-on assignments involving different depth of fields, composition, equipment demonstrations, lighting tips, camera-specific lessons, and more! This workshop offers the perfect opportunity for Macro Photography lessons! You will leave with amazing keepsake images of your trip and workshop! Capture your memories of Vallarta with stunning images!

Receive long lasting lessons that can be applied to all of your photography subjects. Each workshop comes with a detailed handout highlighting all of the topics we covered in the course. All of our students are invited to join our online community where they can continue to receive photography support and participate in our themed challenges. 

Explore the garden up close and personal and learn how to create stunning floral images using different camera settings, lenses, and filters. We will have a demonstration and verbal presentation on photographing butterflies and wildlife as well as some free time to shoot assignments around the garden. 

All skill levels and camera types can benefit from our courses as we tailor our workshops to each individual student’s needs, interests, and skill levels. You can expect to have a better knowledge of exposure and your own camera by the end of the workshop. If you are planning on using a camera phone, please advise us beforehand so we can recommend photography apps to use during the course.

There is no better souvenir than stunning photos of your amazing trip! Share your experiences and art while wowing your friends with your new photography skills! Your macro images are sure to be a big hit among your friends and family!  NFPG_3NFPG_3

Our workshop will be held at Mariposario Jardin Magico (60 Calle Golondrina, Puerto Vallarta, JAL 48290) You can read more about this amazing sanctuary HERE.


About the Lesson: We will begin with a lecture on basics of exposure and all the fitting settings for macro photography as well as lenses. Then we will practice lighting and shooting our florals subjects. Next we will discuss techniques for shooting and focusing on moving subjects before applying the lesson to photographing butterflies. 

Need to Know:

  • Please bring sunscreen, comfortable shoes and water. No food is permitted. 
  • Bug spray is also recommended, however beware of those containing deet around your camera. Do not apply it to your hands before touching your camera as deet eats plastic. 
  • Polarizing filters are recommended. 
  • We will provide a few reflectors and diffusers for student use, but if you have one please bring it. 
  • Tripods are optional for this section. You can rent a tripod for a small fee depending on availability. Regardless of your equipment, we will teach you tricks to get amazing results! 

After leaving this workshop, you will have the confidence to capture stunning travel photographs on your own in all lighting types and with a large amount of subjects. 


Due to the constantly changing regulations concerning prevention of the spread of COVID-19, the details of this workshop, including locations, subjects, routes, etc. are subject to change without notice. If a regulation does prevent certain parts of a workshop from operating  as described, every effort will be taken to address the technique or techniques in a manner that is consistent with the regulations. Please familiarize yourself with our Covid-19 Policy.