With today’s technology, there is no reason you can’t have a quality photography or post-production lesson right from the comfort of your own home. And with todays circumstances, there is no better time for a photography session. Create your very own photography lesson and focus on learning the aspects of photography that are most important to you. 

Our photography sessions are a unique and fun experience for creative people. Sessions can include hands on assignments like shooting long exposures or macro images, self portraits and more! Cover the basics of beginner photography and get out of Auto mode! We can teach you how to easily understand all of the elements of exposure. Learn about composition techniques for more visually appealing photos or just get to know your camera better with a camera specific lesson! 

With the ability to share screens while on an audio call, we will be able to have a hands-on private lesson to help you organize or back up your Lightroom Catalog and hard drives and learn a variety of editing techniques and filters in both Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile, and Photoshop. 

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Lessons in Photoshop include basic skin and body retouching, sharpening, compositing and head swaps, creating graphics and texts, and more! With your images and shooting data in front of us, we can have a portfolio and editing review so you can receive feedback on your photography skills, camera settings, and editing style. 

Receive long lasting lessons that can be applied to all of your photography subjects. You will even receive handouts on your chosen subject and homework assignments to keep up your photography momentum. All of our students are invited to join our online community where they can continue to receive photography support and participate in our themed challenges. 

All skill levels and camera types can benefit from our courses as we have a vast knowledge of different camera brands. You can expect to have a better knowledge of exposure and your own camera by the end of the session. 

From hobbyist to amateur photographer, or the entrepreneur trying to reach customers with better quality images, our lessons are for everyone! Our courses are designed to focus your attention, develop skills while learning new techniques. Put your expensive camera to good use and finally get out of auto mode! 

The usual cost per hour is $1500 MXN, approx. $75 USD per hour. We accept Venmo & Paypal and direct deposits via bank transfer. 

Step up your photography game today with professional tips and techniques for shooting and editing your best images!

Message us today to book your session!