January Photo Tips; Composition

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Composition Tips


  • The most common composition tip you'll hear in photography is the 'Rule of Thirds.' This is thinking of your image broken up into thirds from top to bottom and left to right. The idea is that where those thirds intersect, are where you should frame your subject. 


  • Think of this ‘rule’ as more of a suggestion, because while it works for many images, some subjects scream to be centered! Embrace symmetry when you find it.


  • However, for Landscapes, it is quite effective to place the horizon on a horizontal third; what is more interesting, the sky or the land? Give that portion 2/3rds of the frame. Try to include a foreground in your landscape to create a sense of scale and place. 


  • Leading lines are the composition technique that allow the viewers eyes to easily follow a path directly to other subjects in your image. Shooting reflections also creates a bold composition. 


  • You frame your favorite photos for a reason right? It makes your image stand out. Well try framing your subject within the frame! Use elements around you to create an effect that borders your subject.


  • Explore your subject from all angles in order to create the bast image possible. Not only does this allow you to catch the best angle and light on your subject, but you will be able to control the background of your image. Just look at how different all of these images of the same lavender bush offered me!


  • Pay attention to all areas of your image, not just your subject. Consider the background; does it relate to your subject? Is it distracting? Do you have a tree growing out of someone's head? Busy backgrounds make it difficult to make your subject pop! 


  • When searching for new subject give yourself a photo assignment like 'shape, line, texture' to help you look for patterns, shadows, leading lines, or pick a color to be on the look out for. 


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