October Photo Tips; Self Portraiture

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Self Portraits are such a fun way to document your trips or to use for self expression. Not to mention actually being in a picture once in a while. The latter is what usually dissuades photographers from ever doing this assignment. Self portraits are also an amazing way to capture your growth as a photographer by using more and advanced and creative techniques. 

The most difficult part of self portraits is focusing. To help you get sharper images, use a stand-in (or object) to focus on and trade places for the image. You can also use smaller apertures for greater depth of field or ask someone to focus for you while you pose. Shoot yourself in mirrors or reflections for easier set ups. 
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When composing yourself in an image, choose a corner or space with visual cues that can help you know where to stand when you are ready to pose. Use a tripod with a cable release, remote or timer to shoot your images. If you have a cable release or intervelometer you can select a continuous drive and try several poses before beading back to your camera. You can shoot tethered to a computer or use a mirror to help you see your pose. Choose your lenses wisely; if you use a wide lens and remain close to the camera it will distort you, making your face wider and your nose bigger, however in a larger land or cityscape it will help capture more of your scene. 
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If you are creating a self portrait as a form of self-expression, then make you image personal; photograph yourself in a vulnerable state or pose with your loved ones. You can also create a still life image of objects that represent you. Get creative; use long exposures, unusual lighting or use a second image to create a double exposure. If you are shooting a silhouette make sure your profile is clean and defined.

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Good luck and happy shooting! 


















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