Week in the Life of the Werters: Dec 2019

December 10, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Hello again! 

This Week in the Life almost got away from me, I was supposed to start it on the 24th of November but with busy season in full swing, family visits and Jude's birthday I just didn't get to it. I also decided to start this week on a Monday because on Sunday the 1st the only photos I took were for a clients portrait session, where as on the 8th we went to the beach with friends. So here you go:  DSCF4965DSCF4965

On Monday we had a busy morning bouncing around with errands and then I spent the rest of the work day on my shoot from the evening before. Mondays are never particularly exciting around here, more like battery charging days. But we did snap a few of Jude and Dad goofing around. <3

Tuesday is one of the days I like to take Jude to the playground after picking him up from school. We sometimes have a few friends waiting for us there and on this day I was expecting them and brought along some candy and soda we have been left with after Jude's birthday. We wanted to share with Jude's friends because they always spoil him with pizza and juice. But they weren't there, so we had to enjoy it all to ourselves. We brought Jude's Dinosaurs to play with and he left one in the dirt. I was setting up a picture of it when Jude decided he didn't want me to and threw a different one right at my face. I'd like to think he felt bad for hurting me and not just for getting in trouble.. lol. Well we did quite a bit of running around after all the sugar and Jude passed out on the couch as soon as we got home. 

On Wednesday we decided to try our hand at walking home and see how far Jude would make it. The minimum distance had to be the Coconut Man. On the walk there he made his obligatory jump off of a ledge on our way and posed for a few pictures on the promise of a treat. Jude guzzled down the first bag of coconut water while our coconut was prepared with lime and salt. He waited patiently on the bench so I could take some pictures of him; the lighting was making his hair look so red! After we finished Jude requested a car because 'his legs hurt'. So we made it about a quarter mile. :D  DSCF4931DSCF4931

Thursday Matt and I walked Jude to school and continued on to Centro for a Travel Photography Workshop. I managed to snap a few shots of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish while my student was on an assignment. We finished the workshop and it couldn't have been a better weather day. We had lunch at our favorite little sports bar and picked up Jude early from school. He loved that! He has a new habit of going around and telling every teacher when his Momma has arrived. They all entertain his excitement and laugh with me while we wait for him to finish. <3 He is so sweet. 

Friday was another relatively quiet day and Jude having not slept well the night before, fell asleep on dad while throwing a tantrum for no reason.  DSCF5078DSCF5078

Every month we have Dad and Jude Days and Mom and Jude Days and this week was a Mom and Jude Day. We decided to check out the new book store in the marina. First we walked around looking at the boats, iguanas and chasing pigeons. The book store is also a cafe and unfortunately the lay out means having to walk past the case of sweets before reaching the children's section. Well needless to say I had one very uninterested-in-books toddler. We finally were able to agree on a few good ones; a Shel Silverstein book, the Runny Babbit and 2 Dinosaur detective books. Finally Jude was allowed to pick a treat; he chose a chocolate turtle. We walked back to the main road and caught an Uber home. Jude was asleep minutes after getting in the car. 

Finally, on Sunday we met with some friends who just moved back to PV from Guadalajara. We went to our favorite little beach where we swan and snacked and watched whales impress us with their sweet moves and crabs scuttle along rocks. Jude asked me to put a hermit crab in his hand, screamed and pulled his hand away before it even touched him. It was the best day and we went home refreshed and sun kissed.   


I've enjoyed forcing myself to take pictures of the less glamorous parts of our life with this little project. I will definitely continue it in 2020.

See you then! 




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