Sunset Photography Workshop

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Sunset Photography Workshop


This is our most popular workshop! 

Our Sunset Photography Workshop has varying start times but will always begin 45 minutes before the sunset on the day of the workshop and will continue until 45 minutes after the sunset. This will allow us to shoot silhouettes along the boardwalk as well as the actual sunset from the beach. Every workshop is tailored to each group of participants. This means we will assess the skill levels and particular interests of all the group members to decide what subjects to focus on and what other subjects may need to be covered. Due to how often our workshops run, many are private or very small. 

The workshop takes place on the Malecón as well as Rosita Beach, the beach adjoining the Malecón. The workshop will last 90 minutes. The intent of this instructional workshop is to teach or enhance your techniques for shooting better images of the sunset. 

We begin the session with an informative lecture and follow it with a comprehensive hands-on portion where you will practice the discussed techniques and assignments. This is repeated with each subject. During the hands-on portion, each student will receive one-on-one instructions and review with the instructor. 


About the Lesson: Students will learn how to control the colors of the their sunset images with white balance, and shooting fast and long exposures of the setting sun. First, we will have a group lesson on the Malecón to gauge everyones interests and skill levels. We will take some time discussing metering modes and practicing silhouettes of the statues. Next, we will use fast shutter speeds to capture the sun as it sets from the beach and then experience the difference when using smaller apertures and longer exposures. In addition to the gorgeous sunset, this beach is often graced with pelicans. 

Need to Know:

  • Tripods are highly recommended for this course so we can practice long exposures. You can rent a tripod for a small fee. Availability is limited. Please inquire at the time of booking. 
  • Some fun lenses to use for this workshop would include wide angle and telephoto lenses. 
  • All skill levels and camera types are welcome to join this course. We will be able to adapt the lessons to suit your needs and equipment. 
  • We will be setting up on the beach for a large portion of this workshop; I will typically bring blankets to sit on. You are welcome to bring your own folding chairs or sit on the rocks if you prefer. You can also stand, but we will be exploring low angles when we capture motion in the water, so you should not be standing for this portion of the lesson.
  • The cost of the course is $45USD. This can be paid in person, via Paypal, Venmo, USD, or MEX Pesos (with conversion rate of the booking day). 
  • I will also typically bring bug spray as some people, myself included, are highly attractive for mosquitos. 



(You can also inquire about our Sunset Photography Cruises!)

After leaving this workshop, you will have the confidence to capture stunning sunset photographs and can easily apply all of these same techniques to sunrise photography too. 


To book a session, you can shoot us an email to reserve a date! Ask us about availability and get to shooting! 



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