Week in the Life of the Werters; May

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With all of my 'Week in the Life' weeks already planned out for the year, we were surprised and thrilled to find out we would be hosting an old friend and his fiancee for several days of this installment. The week had it's ups and downs and we kept super busy with lots of photoshoots and events!  59758925_954258183178_5073703557492899840_o59758925_954258183178_5073703557492899840_o

Sunday had hardly begun when we got the invite to Seth and Jules elopement yacht! Just FYI, we are always down for a yacht. Jude especially found it enjoyable, dancing and jumping all over the place. However, he did not appreciate the restraint when the boat was moving. We got to cruise and relax and see some amazing places on our own private tour of Banderas Bay. At one point Seth and Jules swam to a totally empty beach for some sun while we stayed with Jude and dipped him in the surprisingly freezing water. And we got some really amazing portraits out of it. It was such a wonderful day! 

Monday we dropped Jude off to school and made our way to Villa Premiere to celebrate and document this lovely couples wedding! We all enjoyed a nice breakfast and searched for the perfect florist so Jules could make her own bouquet. Jude joined us just in time for the ceremony and portraits, then we were off to find tequila y mariscos! 

We were able to do a bit of recovering on Tuesday, keeping it simple with some crispy tacos in our neighborhood. Then for a plot twist I suddenly came down with a fever and chills not long before I had to go out and teach a sunset photography workshop. It was not entirely pleasant shivering in 85 degree weather but I muscled through it and we had a great class! One of my students was the cowriter of "Under the Sea" and the producer of the album, "Say my Name!" I only took a few snapshots with my Fuji mirrorless camera and I love my soft focus sunset. 

After extending their stay one extra day, Wednesday we sadly said goodbye to Jules and Seth, sending them back to Texas and hoping they return soon! And resting. Lots of resting as this momma still had a nasty bug. 

Thursday felt more like a regular day, back to work and feeling somewhat normal. After dinner I headed to the Grand Pelicano resort to shoot some family portraits, and got to check out an amazing sunset from the beach. 

AMP_2890AMP_2890 In Mexico, May 10th is always Mother's Day so it happened to fall on this Friday. Matt and I sent Jude off to school and relished in some alone time, getting a little work done but mostly just spending quality time together. We picked Jude up from school a little late and then headed out to get some family sushi! We tried a new place and managed to find a few rolls without cream cheese. Then we hopped an uber to Centro for some drinks and dessert while we waited for the fireworks! There was an incredible fireworks symposium in town and it was the last night to see it. It took a lot of running around (and some cotton candy) to entertain Jude while we waited, but the show did not disappoint! We got home just after midnight and looked forward to sleeping in! 

Saturday was another lovely family day, We stopped by our local library to restock on some reading materials. I made sure to document the way Jude insists on wearing my baseball caps on the way, lol! We can't stop at Los Mangos Biblioteca without checking out the playground. And mud puddle. A mud puddle that required an afternoon bath. Jude gifted me with a tiny bit of cooperation for some portraits and we relaxed and napped for the remainder of the day. 

All in all it was a bit hectic but that is just life these days! We are picking up new business constantly and are always on the go. Life is good here in Mexico!

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