Week in the Life of the Werters; August 2019

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Well I guess it's about that time again. I actually pushed this one off a week because we were in NY for half of last week. I figured since I was already heavily documenting that trip it would've been a missed opportunity to record our everyday, normal/ non-traveling life.  AMP_1096AMP_1096

So, Sunday was a very lazy recovery day. Matt and I have been suffering with some pretty nasty coughs and this was day 2 or 3 of some pretty exhausting and totally ineffective antibiotics. I did manage to play around with my macro lens while Jude sat next to me at the window. It wasn't a huge success but I do appreciate the details of his smile, eyelashes and ... back hair. :D 

Monday was our first day back to work and school after a 2-week vacation. Jude's first day of Pre-k did not start off terribly enthusiastic, but mostly he was crying because he has become infatuated with my camera, and he wanted to take a picture, not be in one. That being said there are a lot of Jude's photo
s in this collection, can you guess which? :D A little laundry and back to work. When Jude got home from school we transformed some boxes into a catapillar and some butterflies and colored the floor.  

The most significant change between this Week in the Life and the last one, is Jude. In the week and a half since coming home from New York and writing this blog, Jude exploded with personality and is talking more than ever before. Totally blowing our minds. It's cool to have these photos of him to remember it by. 

DSCF3161DSCF3161 Tuesday was a pretty average Tuesday; I walked Jude to school and ran home; another new happening since May, I run 5 days a week. Later, I had a quick photo lesson with one of my Seattle clients and got a good amount of work done. It is slow season here so we spend our time and energy working on next years bookings. After picking Jude up from school we headed to the park where he was finally able to pull off the rock wall and climbing the steep slide all by himself. I love that his goofy little had it always sitting sideways. He reminds me of "Smalls" or Gordy LaChance. When we got home he devoured 2 mangos and made a huge mess of himself in the process. Well, after all that exertion poor dude passed out before dinner. <3 

Wednesday flew by with the highlight being Jude insisting to push the garage door opener button when heading off to school. This is a good time to mention his favorite new phrase, "Awwww, Mooo-ooom! 

Thursday Matt and I were supposed to meet up with a fellow traveler in town, but when she couldn't make it we opted to take the day off anyways. While walking Jude to school we picked up some bananas for his class and checked out all the diggers paving our neighborhoods streets. Then Matt and I bussed into town for tacos and beer. Treated ourselves to shots and cake too.  DSCF3316DSCF3316

Friday morning, a little somebody who has been having a rough time adjusting to their new no-nap-at-school schedule woke up 2 hours early. And since it was the release day for Tool's new album, Fear Inoculum, we had a 6am TOOL party. Jude kept thwarting my attempts to photograph him and quickly took back possession of the camera, from which we gained a pretty adorable video selfie. :D  We all headed off to school, and mom and dad made our monthly Costco trip. A few hours of work, and our family weekend began again. 

Jude and I went back to school shopping on Saturday morning and then we spent some time at the playground in Macro Plaza. It was here that I discovered he had turned on the Toy Camera Filter on my Fuji. For dinner we made our way back to our neighborhood restaurant, Cava for some Agua Chile. We wanted fire and it did not disappoint! 

All in all, it was a pretty good week and I do really love some of the photos I captured. Next time Jude will have just turned 3! What a week that will be! 

Safe Travels,

Nomad Family


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