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Dining and date nights in the era of Covid-19! So much has changed this year in how we do everything including a simple night out. No longer is it just a case of what you want to eat, but what is going to be safe and reliable. My wife and I rarely have date nights with our young child at home but recently we found ourselves searching for the perfect evening getaway. Our research quickly and overwhelmingly led us to Trattoria Di Nuovo located in Zona Romántica.  NFPG5296-EditNFPG5296-Edit

Trattoria Di Nuovo offers open air dining that veils a beautiful and well-thought-out decor in a way that really makes the place come alive. With palm trees and lush foliage, you maintain the feeling of being in a tropical location; however, the lighting and artwork are classic Italian fine dining with pictures of vintage staple Italian products. There are also black and white photos of people with massive twirls of spaghetti, including Joe DiMaggio which, as a New Yorker, I can definitely appreciate. To add to this scene, the music in Trattoria Di Nuovo is always enjoyable, simultaneously creating feelings of happy tranquility mixed with some nostalgia. Taken all together, it creates the perfect environment for a romantic night out or a group event with lots of laughter and, of course, plenty of vino. And we discovered that they have events where they serve a 3-course meal focusing on the food of a specific region of Italy so we are looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about Italy as we eat our delicious food.

For many of us, all it took was one foot in Vallarta to fall in love. It was no different for the owner of Trattoria Di Nuovo. Nohemi recalls telling her parents as a child vacationing from Michoacán that one day she too would live in Vallarta. Lucky for all of us, that little girl was right. Noemi moved to PV after graduating university and found her paradise. In her travels she discovered Spain and Italy, founding and shaping her love of Italian cuisine. Her time working for Italian restaurants in Ibiza taught her the arts and responsibilities of running a business and she began dreaming once again, this time of bringing Italy to Puerto Vallarta.

NFPG5525-EditNFPG5525-Edit Nohemi runs the restaurant with her brother, and the feeling of family is present as the entire staff are so friendly and welcoming. She attributes her success to the love and support of her own family. After 10 years, they are still offering the same stellar Italian gastronomic experience and, unsurprisingly, Nohemi’s passion for what she does trickles into every aspect of the business. You can feel her determination to give the best possible experience through her friendly employees, the perfect ambiance and the fantastic music that Nohemi carefully selects to suit the appropriate mood. And though she is proud and passionate about the food that she serves, I’m sure she would be the first to admit that it is extremely difficult to compete with her mother’s home cooking.

Now, as I already mentioned, I’m a New Yorker. I was born in Queens and raised just outside of the city. I can trace my family back all the way to my great-great-grandparents who emigrated from Eastern Europe to Manhattan in the late 1800s. I have plenty of Italian family, including a 100% Italian grandmother. Basically, what I’m getting at is I know good Italian food because I’ve been eating gourmet Italian food all my life and I have to say that Trattoria Di Nuovo knows how to make some incredible Italian food. You can tell that the pasta that is used is fresh and it is always cooked to an al dente perfection. My wife and I have had several dishes here and have never been disappointed: my favorite is the linguini with clams and my wife is partial to the vegetarian lasagna. The dishes are always well-seasoned and have plenty of flavor. The cream sauces are rich, the tomato sauces are aromatic and flavorful, and the white wine sauces are light and compliment the seafood dishes well. Trattoria Di Nuovo has plenty of delicious wines to suit any palate.

What else is there to say about the food? Dessert! The desserts here are delicious and worth making a little extra room to accommodate them. And if you are lucky enough to be a guest for a special occasion, be sure to let your server know; you will not regret it.

So if you are craving a romantic night out with your significant other or looking to meet with some friends and have a decadent and fun experience with delicious food and plenty of excellent wine, Trattoria Di Nuovo is a must try! Thank you Nohemi for never failing to provide an all-around amazing culinary experience. NFPG5620-EditNFPG5620-Edit



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