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It goes without saying that Banderas Bay is paradise for all of those who love the water! It boasts marine life and offers perfect opportunities for all aquatic activities like, snorkeling, whale-watching, sailing, and fishing of course! Fishing is a competitive sport, a hobby, a means of sustenance and a great way to relax in the hectic world in which we live. Whether you are living here full or part time or are just vacationing for a week or two, fishing and boating activities provide a major source of enjoyment for the people of our beautiful, tropical paradise. 

We caught up with Bernardo Calzada of Fintastic Fishing, one of the most popular fishing charters in all of Puerto Vallarta. Bernardo and his crew have delighted our family for many fishing charters as well as sunset cruises. Originally from Queretero, Bernardo developed his love for the ocean at the early age of 7 when his father would take him fishing on his 1952 Elgin. He recalled the joy he felt being on the water and knowing that he had discovered his passion. Now, he wants to share that feeling and thrill with everyone. 

“There is nothing better than to see a smile on someone’s face when they are holding their catch. Being out on the water is my special place. Being out on the water and connecting with nature gives me a sense of peace that is unique.”

Prior to opening Fintastic Fishing, he had been working as a chef and living in Italy, which he very much enjoyed; however, he felt that being a chef failed to provide him the freedom that only being on the water afforded him. As a result, Bernardo moved to Puerto Vallarta with a dream and purchased his first boat. 3 Years and many boats later, he is a fantastic success! 

In his career as a fisherman and charter service, Bernardo has caught thousands of fish, the biggest being a 400lb hammerhead shark! He loves being a part of his clients experience, meeting new people and joining them for an amazing experience. 


Alongside Bernardo is his amazing crew who are equally passionate and knowledgeable on the subject of fishing and boating. Born and raised right here in PV, they have been fishing these waters their whole lives. Surely this passion has lead to Fintastic Fishing’s status in the top 3 fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta! 

In addition to fishing, the crew offers a sunset cruise that tours Banderas Bay from Marina Vallarta to the Malecon so you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Puerto Vallarta from a new perspective! You can come by yourself or with family and friends and have a great trip with a fully stocked bar and a chance to catch a big fish when they set out a couple of fishing rods.

If snorkeling and whale watching interest you, check out their tours and boat charters for private parties and special occasions! And new this year, they are adding yacht rentals and tours to their offerings! It is no question that Fintastic Fishing is a winning experience for everyone! 

You can also join us for a sunset cruise photography workshop! 



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