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Hey everyone, and thank you so much for your interest in one of our portrait sessions! We can't wait for your shoot and we want to customize it as much as possible to suit your style. So we've created a list of our favorite shooting locations and some important info about them. If you would like to inquire about your resort, message us and we can send you samples if we have them. 


Zona Romanticá: 

The Romantic Zone or Old Town of Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic location for a portrait session! Not only will you have beautiful street art and urban backdrops, but tropical flowers and foliage galore. And if your session is long enough you can hit up Los Muertos beach as well! With a walk around the area, this location basically doubles as a tour of Zona Romanticá, and you will be in the heart of it when your session ends; ready to hit the town! There are also plenty of restrooms along the route so you will have the opportunity to change wardrobe if you like. 

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Los Muertos Beach: 

Los Muertos Beach and Pier are iconic here in Vallarta and will make the perfect backdrop to commemorate your vacation and love for PV! The lighting at this location is best before 11am or for a sunset sessions. There are plenty of restrooms and restaurants on the beach for your convenience. The beach is very popular and you should expect to see many other visitors, but we will do our best to keep them out of your images. 

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Playa Conchas Chinas: 

The beach at Conchas Chinas is big, beautiful and diverse. There are so many beautiful natural backdrops like the ocean, tide pools, large rocks with crashing waves and beautiful tropical plants. There is an easy staircase leading to the beach and a simple path to explore other areas. The best times of day are before 11 am or for sunset. This is a large beach so it is recommended for longer sessions and will give a lot of backdrops. However, it is about 20 mins from town and does not have any restrooms or restaurants. 

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Playa Punta Negra: 

Punta Negra is a relatively small beach but very peaceful. It is quite off the beaten path so perfect for locals or more adventurous travelers. The stairs leading down to this beach are quite steep and have some areas next to a drop, so your caution on them is extremely advised and not the best session for families with small children. There are no restrooms but occasionally the beach restaurants will be open. Mornings and sunsets are beautiful at this location. 

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Playa Esmerelda:

Another beautiful and tropical beach location. Easily accessible in the winter, but quite slippery in the rainy season. This beach has gorgeous shooting locations and is perfect for morning sessions, and you guessed it- sunsets! This beach does not have restrooms or restaurants but is a fantastic location for swimming. If you want to do some shots in the water, this is your location! Outside of Puerto Vallarta, this location includes a $400 MXN Travel Fee. 

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The Living Room Bookstore: 

Perfect for editorial shoots and headshots, and romantic couples portraits, The Living Room Bookstore and Cafe in Marina Vallarta is one of our favorite indoor locations! Available for an additional $200-$300 mxn ($10- $15 usd), and dependent upon the store schedule, this is also a great option for rainy days. If you choose a 30 or 60 min session you can choose to have half of your session outside in the Marina with stunning boat backgrounds!

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Casa Sunset Vallarta:

This stunning condo in Cinco de Diciembre has beautiful indoor and outdoor views as well as a rooftop pool. Inquire about what units are available for AirBNBs and your shoot! It is such a beautiful modern Mexican location and is perfect for editorial or business shoots! It is available at any time of day and is very accommodating with restrooms to change your wardrobe or shooting videos. Depending on the length of your shoot this location will cost an additional $200-$300 mxn ($10- $15 usd). 

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Cowork Natureza: 

This co-working cafe is the perfect location for a 15 minute branding shoot! with multiple locations to choose from and a short shoot, we can do 5 minute sets with wardrobe changes and not disturb the people using the space for work.  











Sayulita & San Pancho: 

Sayulita and San Pancho are big hot spots for visitors to Vallarta. This session can be done as a walking tour, selecting a bustling and beautiful area to explore for unique backgrounds, or on the beach! There are many locations in which you can change your clothes or use the bathroom, or include a cute cafe! There is a $30 usd additional travel charge for using this location, and is only offered with 1 hour sessions or more. 

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Vallarta Photo Bus: 

New this season! We have just purchased the original Puerto Vallarta PhotoBooth Bus and rebranded it as the Vallarta Photo Bus! You can choose from a few locations like beach or meadow to park the bus for your shoot. There is a $50 USD charge for including the bus and can be included in any session! You can even add on a picnic with The Picnic Co! We are also available for wedding and event photobooths! 

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